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We produce handcrafted gifts and accessories whilst changing nappies and feeding the ducks! We enjoy creating lovely thigns from gorgeous fabrics, we also enjoy passing our enthusiasm on by way of local workshops.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bunting, Hairbands and Crafty fun..

So earlier this month we were asked to create bunting for Sharpem Park and we sent off 20 metres of Jubilee bunting to them and await to hear (and see hopefully) how it was received.

We have been at Lacock for a few weekends this month, selling, touting and generally having crafty madness which has been lovely. Whilst one Bobbler did Lacock, the other did Longscroft Nursery and it went 'chirpingly'. They have a new family of baby chicks that stole the show (Dufflebobble didnt do too badly but the Chicks were the winners!).

and finally, today we held a workshop at Millie Moon in Frome with three lovely ladies, making fabric flowers that became hairbands and brooches. Lovely day.

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