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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Hair Grips/Fascinators

Had some friends round for a few lemonades and they made the suggestion that i ought to try hair grips, so here it is and i have to say, its so cute.

Made the same way as the baby fabric flower brooches, measuring a wee 2" accross and embellished with a black feather. It is attached to a 'crocodile grip' and is perfect for weddings, parties, mondays, tuesdays........

think i might make a few more of these babies (this one is for sale on my Folksy site, watch out for the others coming very soon i feel)

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NoodleBubble said...

I've just bought some clippy clips (scientific name) with three holes in that you can stitch things onto! Now have trail of felt, fabric and beads following me and nothing as yet sewn to the clip! Sorry took so long to respond to your egg comment - couldn't remember password (hopeless!) X